Reporting: deriving measures

Reporting at a glance

In reporting, all recorded data is collected and clearly presented. In online marketing, this serves the purpose of, for example, recognizing the current status of a campaign at first glance. First of all, you should make sure that you are measuring relevant data for your business goal. This could be, for example, higher sales or greater brand awareness.

What is deriving measures?

Deriving action from a report is about getting value from information. When you look at the report you have created, it should quickly become clear to you what decisions and actions need to be taken to achieve your goal. You should be able to determine the need for action and make recommendations accordingly.

Why is the derivation of measures important in reporting? 

The derivation of measures is the most important part of reporting, because it alone is responsible for actively developing improvements. New strategies are decided on the basis of this part.

How do I derive measures based on a reporting? 

The easiest way is to compare several time windows. For example, the previous month with the current month. On a larger scale, you can also make Year over Year (abbreviated: YoY) comparisons. This allows you to recognize improvements or deteriorations in your predefined key figures. Accordingly, it is then necessary to analyze where these changes come from. 

When making comparisons, it is also important to take external factors into account and ask yourself the question: Which factors influence the development in particular?

  • Is there a season for my product/service? -> This would explain, for example, why the figures can look better in summer than in winter.
  • Was there a campaign that was particularly well received by the target group?
  • Were there significant changes in budget or targeting
  • What measures need to be taken and reinforced?
  • What can stay as it is?

Example measures

Measures you can take would be for example:

  • Change in targeting
  • Budget adjustments
  • Adjustments of the advertising media (creatives)
  • Adjustments of the advertising placement

If your results stagnate for a longer period of time, you should consider questioning your entire strategy and adjust it if necessary.

Important prerequisites for well-founded reporting include website and conversion tracking.