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Data driven instead of gut feeling: From now on, make decisions based on valid data instead of hoping for your intuition with Attrido.

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Your Goal: Our Mission

Flawless technical setup

Whether it’s the Google Tag Manager, the Business Manager for social media campaigns or the accounts for search engine advertising, our know-how ranges from paid social marketing to website tracking and SEM. Attrido sets up the necessary tools and systems for you. 

So you can start optimally from 0 to 100 on the road to success.

Better understanding of the customer journey

Through a broad technical set-up, you acquire a lot of data. But learning from this data, deriving learnings and taking optimization measures is something completely different. Attrido navigates you safely out of the data jungle and provides you with a better understanding of your customers. 

This is how you turn theoretical data into real people with personality.

Efficient monitoring and reporting

With Attrido, you not only understand your customers better. You also get very valuable insights about your marketing efforts. You receive regular reports from us with the most important KPIs of your campaigns. This allows you to see at a glance what goes down well with your target group and what does not. 

That way you align your marketing with your customers, not with your product. 

Helpful workshops

Knowledge sharing is not a one-way street. At Attrido, we believe that knowledge is everyone’s right. That’s why we offer helpful workshops for those who are interested. You will learn everything you need to know about Datastudio, about handling CRM systems like Hubspot, and about evaluating campaigns across multiple platforms with Google Analytics. 

This gives you everything you need to enter the marketing terrain with confidence.

About Attrido

Attrido is an association of bright minds dedicated to simplifying website tracking and web analytics. We make web analytics understandable for everyone!

Even if you’ve had little exposure to this topic, we’ll help you market efficiently and understand it.

Attrido understands that web analytics is a vast topic that requires a lot of attention and time to set up tracking seamlessly and smoothly. However, we also know that not every company has the capacity and time to be able to accomplish this. That’s exactly what Attrido is here for you to do!

We make website tracking possible for everyone!


  • You save a lot of time to focus on other important things in your business.
  • You get a flawless tracking setup without having to worry about accuracy or possible errors.
  • You get an all-around support from Attrido, which gives you a lot of learnings to get your business on the fast track.
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