Facebook Business Manager: Realizing the full potential

When does it make sense to use Facebook Business Manager?

In order to set yourself up as professionally as possible, all information should be able to be collected and managed in one place – this is exactly what you use the Business Manager for.
The Facebook Business Manager is a free tool from Facebook for page operators and advertisers. The tool can be used to professionally manage advertising accounts, business pages, and the people who contribute to them.

Facebook Business Manager proves to be particularly helpful when the following points apply:

Multiple people need access

  • Role-based access permissions possible for all assets, such as Pages, Ad Accounts, etc.
  • Overview of role distribution – who works on what

Management of multiple assets

  • Diverse Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, ad accounts or apps need to be managed – whether your own or those of your customers
  • Different access permissions for the respective assets
  • Billing via different payment methods possible
  • Organization of reporting

Cooperation with a service provider

  • The company should remain the owner of all assets, but the management runs through a service provider

Security for your assets

  • Many tools for security management give better control over all assets
  • Excellent separation of business and personal information

How to set up Facebook Business Manager correctly?

All you need for the setup is a private Facebook account and a Facebook business page.
Setting up Facebook Business Manager is quite simple – Facebook guides you through the setup step by step.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to URL https://business.facebook.com/create/1
  • Click on “Create account
  • Enter the name of the company, your own name and business email address
  • Enter the rest of the company information

Structure of the Facebook Business Manager

You can access the menu from the top left corner, right next to the Facebook logo. Clicking on it will bring up a dropdown with a variety of items.

  • Frequently used: DeepL access to the features you use most often
  • Plan: tools to help with campaign planning, etc., such as audience insights
  • Creation and management: some auxiliary tools, as well as management and post and ad creation
  • Measurement and reports: evaluation of all activities
  • Elements: Assets like target groups, media, pixels, product catalogs, etc.
  • Settings: all settings

Business Manager Ressources

Source: Facebook.com

After setting up Facebook Business Manager, you can add other people and assign roles accordingly, add Facebook Pages, and add more assets like pixels, product catalogs, etc.

Business Manager Role Management

There are two levels of access permissions in Business Manager:
1. Access to the Business Manager
2. Access to individual assets within the Business Manager.

Business Manager Admin rights should be assigned sparingly because a BM Admin has many more options than, say, a Page Admin.

Add assets or request access

Facebook Business Manager provides two choices for adding various assets:
1. Add – Request Access.
2. Request Access – Claim Asset

If you claim an asset, you become the owner. However, if the asset is only to be managed for one partner / customer, an access request is sufficient to gain access.

Asset Management

In the company settings you can manage all persons and assets of the Business Manager.

There are the following assets:

  • Users: People, partners and system users
  • Accounts: Facebook Pages, advertising accounts, apps, Instagram accounts, industries, WhatsApp accounts and projects.
  • Data sources: Product catalogs, Facebook pixel, offline event sets, custom conversions, event source groups, and shared audiences
  • Brand security: domains and block lists.
  • Registrations: News sites
  • Integrations: Compatible third-party integrations
  • Payments: Payment methods and credit lines
  • Security Center: Set up two-factor authentication, manage inactive employees, and audit administrators
  • Applications: View invitations from others and manage invitations to others
  • Notifications: Notification settings
  • Company information: General company info

Once the Business Manager is set up and configured correctly, there’s nothing standing in your way – whether it’s running Facebook ads or having them run, analyzing Pages & Ads, creating reports, or simple community management.