Facebook Ads

From beginners to professionals – anyone can run Facebook Ads, because they are as simple or complex as you want them to be.

With Facebook’s own tools, such as the Ads Manager, anyone can easily create ads on Facebook themselves and evaluate them just as easily.

Why should you run Facebook Ads?

It’s simple: more than two billion people worldwide use Facebook every month. Whatever target group you want to reach, it’s definitely on Facebook.

How do you create Facebook Ads?

Before you start with Facebook Ads, some points need to be considered and defined in advance:

Define advertising goal

What do you want to achieve with Facebook Ads? For example, do you want to generate sales in your online store, or do you want to generate greater brand awareness for your company with the help of reach?
Once you have answered this question, you can choose the right or appropriate advertising objective for your campaign.


Determine target audience

Who do you want to reach with Facebook Ads? Based on demographics, behaviors, and interests that match your target audience, you can determine who will get your ads played.


Placement of your Facebook Ads

Facebook offers many options for placing your ads. Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and the Audience Network are the platforms you can choose from – within the platforms, there are also different placements that you can select depending on the ad type and ad objective. You also have the option to run your Facebook Ads on different mobile devices.

facebook ad placements

The most common placements are within the feed on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook Ads placements in stories cannot be combined with every advertising objective.

facebook ads placements feeds stories

Placements in “Contextual Spaces” or apps and websites are also possible.


Define budget and schedule

You have the choice between daily or runtime budget. You also have to predefine the time period in which the Facebook Ads will be placed. Here you even have the option to set specific times of the day if this is necessary for your ads.

Select Facebook Ads format

The selection of ad formats is very versatile and is always supplemented with new options. From single images to videos or collections, everything is possible – depending on the selection of your advertising target and the previously chosen placements of your Facebook Ads.

It is important that you choose your Facebook Ads Creative according to the platform and placement, because there are various things to consider here.

Monitoring and evaluation of your Facebook Ads

In the Ads Manager, you can track how the Facebook Ads are performing after you launch your campaign and make adjustments if necessary. After the campaign has run, you can evaluate the Facebook Ads.

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