Conversion Tracking

Reasons for conversion tracking

As a website owner you should know for whom and how many you maintain your content regularly. With conversion tracking you can find out if you are maintaining the right content and if your visitors are even interested in your products. You can only find out this and much more if you track your visitors correctly.

What exactly is conversion tracking?

The term conversion tracking is used in the field of website analytics. It refers to the effectiveness with which a targeted audience is encouraged to perform desired actions on the corresponding website.

A conversion can take different forms. For example, it could be a sign-up for a newsletter, but also a purchase in an online store or the download of an app. So it can be decided individually by the website operator which type of conversion(s) can be considered valuable and therefore also useful for success. Based on this, the numbers are then tracked.

The conversion rate

The so-called conversion rate is calculated to answer the following question: How many website visitors have taken the desired action? Thus, the number of total website visitors is divided by the number of people who “converted”:

Target Event/Base Event x 100 = Conversion Rate.

So if a website had 15,000 visitors a month, of which 750 converted the calculation would be:

750 / 15.000 x 100 = 5%

Whether this rate can be considered good or bad depends a lot on the desired goal of the advertisement and should be evaluated individually.

Web tracking solutions

In order to measure the success of your advertising and evaluate these figures, you need conversion tracking. For this purpose, there are various professional web tracking solutions, which are integrated directly on the website. These include for example:

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Goals of Conversion Tracking

Based on the knowledge you gain from tracking, you can optimize your website and increase its success. The team will help you to implement these tools correctly on your website.