Ads Conversion Tracking

Advertising costs money and regardless of the budget, conversion tracking is indispensable.
It is essential to know whether and to what extent the advertising is worthwhile at all, no matter how much you ultimately invest in Facebook advertising & co.

Which ads conversion can be tracked?

Basically, you can track any kind of conversion that occurs after a click on your ad. The decisive factor is that the action to be tracked is valuable for you and contributes to the success of your website.

The most common advertising platforms for which conversion tracking is set up are:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook & Instagram

How is ads conversion tracking set up?

For Google Ads conversion tracking, you need to implement the conversion tracking tag in your websites. You can get this code snippet in the Google Ads interface under the respective conversion action you want to track. Implementing the Google Ads conversion tracking tag is easiest with the help of a tag manager tool, such as Google Tag Manger.
Once the tag is properly integrated, the conversions will now be displayed in the Google Ads interface. If you have linked your Google Ads account to Google Analytics, you can also see all the details in Analytics.

For Facebook conversion tracking you need the Facebook Pixel, which also needs to be integrated into your websites. This is also possible via the Google Tag Manager, for example. If this code snippet is implemented correctly, you can see all metrics for the Facebook ads in the Facebook Business Manager.

Instagram conversion tracking is also done via the Facebook Pixel.

Besides the implementation of the code snippets via a tag manager tool, there is of course also the possibility to integrate them directly into your websites or to have them integrated.
We at are happy to support you in finding the optimal solution for your ads conversion tracking and its implementation. Inquire now without obligation.